Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Lazy

Today was just weird. We had a whole goal of going to the gym today. The gym didn't open until 1 PM so we knew we had some time to waste. Well, as the day went on and the cold front moved in, the lazier we seemed to get. I fell asleep twice on the couch watching TV only to give up and move to my bed for a 2 hour nap. When I got up it was 2:45 PM. We decided we'd wait a little bit longer and just hung around the house, cooked lunch, did some cleaning and enjoyed some family time. Next time I saw the clock it was 7:34 PM. The gym closed at 7 PM. The kids and I gathered in the kitchen and made the dough for candy cane cookies. It was a really nice day just spending it all together and not really doing much but, we never did make it to the gym. Why is it so easy to make excuses for not getting exercise in? I've been talking a lot about food in my last few posts and while good eating is essential to losing weight so is exercise. I'm not saying a gym membership is essential but, some type of exercise is. I could've easily worked out here at home and even include the kids in my workout but, it's so easy to make excuses and just not do it. We have tons of dvd's, books on the topic, and even a Wii with WiiFit and yet I still say I don't have time to exercise. I think if you're really committed to losing the weight then, you will be willing to change your schedule around and make time for the workout. New goal there. MAKE the time to workout. Tomorrow I am going out with my MIL shopping in the morning so I know I will get a lot of walking in. Perhaps I'll take the kids to the gym while Chris is at work. We need to finish those cookies in the morning since the kids love baking. I'll let the kids each have one and then send them to work with Chris on Tuesday so I'm not tempted by them! Hope this finds you healthy and happy! Until tomorrow!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Buffet Vs. The Fat Girl

I truly believe buffets might be the worst thing in the world to over weight people. I mean come pay one price and can go back for seconds...or much as you wish. No one judges you there. Chris and I went out to lunch today with a friend of ours. There is a new Chinese buffet that just opened this weekend and we wanted to try it out. It was REALLY good. I started out with just a small amount of food. Pretty good choices I'd say. Some sushi, a seafood medley, some broccoli and a stuffed bell paper. The stuffed bell pepper was a little on the bad side but, still all in all good choices. Then I finished everything and was still hungry. The kids asked for jello and it was my excuse to go back to the buffet. I grabbed a plate and starting making excuses (to myself mind you) as to how to justify everything that was going onto my plate. It's spinach! (sure it's covered in cheese but, it's still spinach!) The wontons are steamed! (they are full of carbs and who really knows what's on the inside) and on and on. It was just bad. I think I'm fooling myself if I think I can continue to go to these places and be responsible. I don't have the will power yet. So until I do I will be staying away. Like the alcoholic that can't go to the bar until he's learned to control his desire for the drink, I must stay away until I can will myself to only eat what I should. Chris was very good. He didn't get all healthy food but, nothing on his plate was too too bad. And he only made one trip even when I offered to bring him something back on my second trip. I can tell this is going to be easier on him than me.
I decided not to get a top after all. We also decided not to go to the party tonight so therefore there was no need for the top. I did however pull out one of my nicer tops for our lunch. It is a size 16 and I truly didn't think it fit me anymore but it did just fine. Hopefully soon I'll have more tops fit I didn't think would and less second trips to the buffet! Here's to the hope! May this find you blessed and happy! Have a good one!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Shopping and the Real Girl

Is it just me or is it impossible to find flattering clothes for the curvy woman in regular stores? Chris and I are going out this weekend for a Christmas party and I wanted to get a nice top to wear. I went to Marshall's which normally never lets me down. This time however I only found 3 tops that were suitable for a party and were in my size. All of which were extremely see-through. Excuse me, I thought most people a size 1x or 2x were looking to cover up or flatter not show off all we've got. The phrase 'if you've got it, flaunt it' doesn't apply here. I ended up cussing in the dressing room (causing the attendee to laugh and say "God I know how you feel") and leaving with a pair of shoes. I believe it was my mom that taught me to never leave empty handed. At least I got the shoes because I was in serious need of some shoes. I was down to green backless tennis shoes and turquoise Crocs. It was getting really hard to answer the question "Does this brown sweater look better with turquoise or green?".
I did notice one hurdle I'm going to have to get past. The moment I got upset about not being able to find a shirt, the chocolate at the front counter sounded VERY good. As did the Ice Cream at the local gas station. I passed on both though. I never saw myself as an emotional eater but, now I'm seeing the light. When you're really scrutinizing yourself, things become so much clearer. We passed our gym on the way home but, that didn't sound appealing, just junk food. Going to either find some sensible snacks for those moments or find ways to overcome the fake hunger.
Good news is that after getting upset about shopping and then coming home to reflect on it I am ready to go back out tomorrow morning to get a top. More luck to me tomorrow, and more luck to the people that have to deal with me shopping at their stores! Hope this finds you well.


Thursday, December 18, 2008


Welcome to our blog! My name is Jenny C. I am 25 years old. Mom to 2 boys: T who is 6 and C who is 4. I currently weigh 211 lbs. There I admitted it. It's out there for the world to see. Why am I not ashamed in posting this? Because starting today I will no longer be that weight ever again. I am on a war path against my weight and I will win. My goal is to be 130 lbs. by my 26th birthday July 20, 2009. That is roughly 11 lbs. a month to shed and be rid of. I can do this. I will posting here my thoughts, food choices, gym habits, and general rants on the topic.
My husband Chris will eventually be joining me on this blog. He's not ready yet but, I have a feeling he will be. He currently is over 400 lbs and is working to lose this weight as well. Now before you say 'Wow 400 lbs is a lot!' Yes, it is but, when we first met 6 years ago he was 530 lbs. so he is moving in the right direction and I focus on that. Obviously, his weight takes it's toll on me as well though I do not blame him for my weight problems. They are mine. He didn't shove the food in my mouth and he couldn't stop me from eating it if I chose to. I did this to myself and now I will take the weight off myself.
My children are my world. I am currently a Stay at Home Mom so all my cooking and eating involves them as well. T is in first grade so he is at school most of the day but, C is home with me all day. Cooking with him will be quite a challenge as he is a very picky eater. No foods touching kinda kid. They keep me on my toes quite a bit but, are slowly starting to exhibit the same bad behaviors I have. Continuous computer time, video games, and snacking are just some. I don't want them to grow up to be in my state therefore I'm making the changes now.
We currently reside outside of Houston, TX. Texas is known for it's fatty foods and big portions. It's also known for big weight problems and lazy people. I fall into all catagories. I know it will be hard to shed these pounds, start new habits and change my life but, I'm ready for the challenge! I hope you'll follow me on my journey. It's bound to be a good one!