Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Lazy

Today was just weird. We had a whole goal of going to the gym today. The gym didn't open until 1 PM so we knew we had some time to waste. Well, as the day went on and the cold front moved in, the lazier we seemed to get. I fell asleep twice on the couch watching TV only to give up and move to my bed for a 2 hour nap. When I got up it was 2:45 PM. We decided we'd wait a little bit longer and just hung around the house, cooked lunch, did some cleaning and enjoyed some family time. Next time I saw the clock it was 7:34 PM. The gym closed at 7 PM. The kids and I gathered in the kitchen and made the dough for candy cane cookies. It was a really nice day just spending it all together and not really doing much but, we never did make it to the gym. Why is it so easy to make excuses for not getting exercise in? I've been talking a lot about food in my last few posts and while good eating is essential to losing weight so is exercise. I'm not saying a gym membership is essential but, some type of exercise is. I could've easily worked out here at home and even include the kids in my workout but, it's so easy to make excuses and just not do it. We have tons of dvd's, books on the topic, and even a Wii with WiiFit and yet I still say I don't have time to exercise. I think if you're really committed to losing the weight then, you will be willing to change your schedule around and make time for the workout. New goal there. MAKE the time to workout. Tomorrow I am going out with my MIL shopping in the morning so I know I will get a lot of walking in. Perhaps I'll take the kids to the gym while Chris is at work. We need to finish those cookies in the morning since the kids love baking. I'll let the kids each have one and then send them to work with Chris on Tuesday so I'm not tempted by them! Hope this finds you healthy and happy! Until tomorrow!


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  1. The gym membership and Wii-Fit are one of the biggest money makers. That is because people purchase them with good intentions, but never use them. I, for instance, have a gym membership we paid $30 a month on for me alone and another $30 for my daughter. We have been paying for these two memberships for nearly 2 years. My daughter used hers just a handful of times, while I have never set foot in the place since we purchased the membership!