Thursday, December 18, 2008


Welcome to our blog! My name is Jenny C. I am 25 years old. Mom to 2 boys: T who is 6 and C who is 4. I currently weigh 211 lbs. There I admitted it. It's out there for the world to see. Why am I not ashamed in posting this? Because starting today I will no longer be that weight ever again. I am on a war path against my weight and I will win. My goal is to be 130 lbs. by my 26th birthday July 20, 2009. That is roughly 11 lbs. a month to shed and be rid of. I can do this. I will posting here my thoughts, food choices, gym habits, and general rants on the topic.
My husband Chris will eventually be joining me on this blog. He's not ready yet but, I have a feeling he will be. He currently is over 400 lbs and is working to lose this weight as well. Now before you say 'Wow 400 lbs is a lot!' Yes, it is but, when we first met 6 years ago he was 530 lbs. so he is moving in the right direction and I focus on that. Obviously, his weight takes it's toll on me as well though I do not blame him for my weight problems. They are mine. He didn't shove the food in my mouth and he couldn't stop me from eating it if I chose to. I did this to myself and now I will take the weight off myself.
My children are my world. I am currently a Stay at Home Mom so all my cooking and eating involves them as well. T is in first grade so he is at school most of the day but, C is home with me all day. Cooking with him will be quite a challenge as he is a very picky eater. No foods touching kinda kid. They keep me on my toes quite a bit but, are slowly starting to exhibit the same bad behaviors I have. Continuous computer time, video games, and snacking are just some. I don't want them to grow up to be in my state therefore I'm making the changes now.
We currently reside outside of Houston, TX. Texas is known for it's fatty foods and big portions. It's also known for big weight problems and lazy people. I fall into all catagories. I know it will be hard to shed these pounds, start new habits and change my life but, I'm ready for the challenge! I hope you'll follow me on my journey. It's bound to be a good one!


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