Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Buffet Vs. The Fat Girl

I truly believe buffets might be the worst thing in the world to over weight people. I mean come pay one price and can go back for seconds...or much as you wish. No one judges you there. Chris and I went out to lunch today with a friend of ours. There is a new Chinese buffet that just opened this weekend and we wanted to try it out. It was REALLY good. I started out with just a small amount of food. Pretty good choices I'd say. Some sushi, a seafood medley, some broccoli and a stuffed bell paper. The stuffed bell pepper was a little on the bad side but, still all in all good choices. Then I finished everything and was still hungry. The kids asked for jello and it was my excuse to go back to the buffet. I grabbed a plate and starting making excuses (to myself mind you) as to how to justify everything that was going onto my plate. It's spinach! (sure it's covered in cheese but, it's still spinach!) The wontons are steamed! (they are full of carbs and who really knows what's on the inside) and on and on. It was just bad. I think I'm fooling myself if I think I can continue to go to these places and be responsible. I don't have the will power yet. So until I do I will be staying away. Like the alcoholic that can't go to the bar until he's learned to control his desire for the drink, I must stay away until I can will myself to only eat what I should. Chris was very good. He didn't get all healthy food but, nothing on his plate was too too bad. And he only made one trip even when I offered to bring him something back on my second trip. I can tell this is going to be easier on him than me.
I decided not to get a top after all. We also decided not to go to the party tonight so therefore there was no need for the top. I did however pull out one of my nicer tops for our lunch. It is a size 16 and I truly didn't think it fit me anymore but it did just fine. Hopefully soon I'll have more tops fit I didn't think would and less second trips to the buffet! Here's to the hope! May this find you blessed and happy! Have a good one!


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  1. Buffets are hard. Really hard. That is the problem now. Restaurants in an effort to give people a reason to come in are giving out large servings. It doesn't cost them that much more to do a large serving rather than a normal serving, but they can up the price a lot and people think they are getting a bargain.
    A piece of meat should be no larger than the size of your palm and a serving of potatoes or something like that should be 1/2 a cup. Just try getting a chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes that size in a restaurant. The steak will take up the plate and the potatoes, well, they certainly aren't 1/2 a cup.
    One of the best ways to go out to eat is to a: Never go to a buffet and b: either split a plate with someone or as soon as the food comes, ask the waiter for a to go box. Then box up half the food before you even start eating, put a lid on it and don't touch it until the next meal or the next day.
    You will do great! I just know it!