Friday, December 19, 2008

Shopping and the Real Girl

Is it just me or is it impossible to find flattering clothes for the curvy woman in regular stores? Chris and I are going out this weekend for a Christmas party and I wanted to get a nice top to wear. I went to Marshall's which normally never lets me down. This time however I only found 3 tops that were suitable for a party and were in my size. All of which were extremely see-through. Excuse me, I thought most people a size 1x or 2x were looking to cover up or flatter not show off all we've got. The phrase 'if you've got it, flaunt it' doesn't apply here. I ended up cussing in the dressing room (causing the attendee to laugh and say "God I know how you feel") and leaving with a pair of shoes. I believe it was my mom that taught me to never leave empty handed. At least I got the shoes because I was in serious need of some shoes. I was down to green backless tennis shoes and turquoise Crocs. It was getting really hard to answer the question "Does this brown sweater look better with turquoise or green?".
I did notice one hurdle I'm going to have to get past. The moment I got upset about not being able to find a shirt, the chocolate at the front counter sounded VERY good. As did the Ice Cream at the local gas station. I passed on both though. I never saw myself as an emotional eater but, now I'm seeing the light. When you're really scrutinizing yourself, things become so much clearer. We passed our gym on the way home but, that didn't sound appealing, just junk food. Going to either find some sensible snacks for those moments or find ways to overcome the fake hunger.
Good news is that after getting upset about shopping and then coming home to reflect on it I am ready to go back out tomorrow morning to get a top. More luck to me tomorrow, and more luck to the people that have to deal with me shopping at their stores! Hope this finds you well.


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